Emergency Services

Medical Services
Olla is located within minutes of Hardtner Medical Center and its adjoining doctor’s clinics, as well as having access to Citizens Medical Center and LaSalle General Hospital, both are within a twenty-mile radius.

Fire Services
Olla has a fire rating of class 3, the lowest in the area. The well-equipped Fire Department has two fire trucks, two tankers, and a rescue vehicle.  The rescue vehicle is equipped with the Jaws of Life unit.

The department has sufficiently trained personnel to adequately meet any emergency, which may arise.  Also, The Department has Fire Service Agreements with every Fire Department within a 40-mile radius.

Law Enforcement Services
Olla has a full-time Police Department offering 24-hour coverage for its citizens with over 80 years of combined experience.  The LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Department is available to assist the Town of Olla as needed and has a sub-station located within the city limits of the Town of Olla.

More information

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